Hurricane Irma Donations
Hurricane Irma Donations

We are currently accepting donations to help with the burden caused by Hurricane Irma.
The storm passed over us from Sunday until Monday morning. The eye shifted and came directly over the area we are in. We the second hardest hit area next to the Keys.
We are all okay, Our house had some roof damage, we were lucky as many people in the area's homes were damaged badly. We fixed our roof yesterday with help from a roofer friend.

The overall devastation here is pretty bad. We experienced over 5 hours of winds over 100 miles an hour. You see Miami and Tampa on the news, and they hardly got hit, and have power back.
In Highlands and Polk County, (we are in Highlands) they are talking up to 3 weeks for power to be back up. We lost 100% of power in our county. 80% is still without, including us.

All of our power lines are down, roadways are blocked, and they flooded our area when the let water out of Lake Okeechobee. Power crews can't get into many areas yet. Our hospital is running on generator power, and no lights or AC.

Our house is high, and we didn't flood, but my daughter's house has 3 feet of water in it. My sister in law has an entire palm tree on and in her roof. I have 8 people staying with us , including 2 yo grandson Sam.

There is no gasoline, no water.... all the Red Cross, and FEMA people went to the cities, and just today the state and county set up some relief. Yesterday we were finally declared a disaster area, and we are all over the news. CNN, Fox, and all were here to document our misery. We were not initially declared an area for FEMA relief so we were all on our own until Thursday.

We cooked all of our meat, and the Pizza hut here gave us all their wings and stuff, so we cooked it all on the grill and gave food away the other day. Some of the restaurants also gave away free barbeque. Our local police and Sheriff have done an amazing job, with no State or Federal help until yesterday. We live in “Cracker” Florida, and the people here are amazingly resilient. The morning after the storm, everyone was cleaning their yards and helping neighbors.

We have a generator, but are low on gas, will have to drive to the coast to get some more and some more food. We have just begun to be able to get water, and gasoline locally. Wait times are 3 hours for gas, and limits on the amounts. Temps in the daytime are in the 90’s. Mosquitoes are everywhere, and I honestly cannot ever remember being so miserable in my entire life.

I'm posting this off my daughter's Ipad at a wireless hotspot that we found working. Shipping is back up now,

I traveled to Tampa yesterday and got water, so products are available, and we will be shipping on Monday despite Hell and High Water

It will be hot as can be, and we will be working at night, until our power comes back on.

Anyway, we are hot, cranky, and bewildered, but we are all okay and safe.
Thanks to the people are helping out with donations, I will do my best to find a way to make it up to you.
We can use all the help we can get.

Thanks again everyone. We appreciate you all, and will be back to work as soon as possible.

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