Extra Fine Grain Powder Pink Table Salt - Bulk Bag

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Bulk Table Salt



Keavy's Corner™ Fine Grain Pink Himalayan Table Salt

Bulk Bag - Choose your size.

Keavy's Corner™ Gourmet Food Grade Himalayan Pink Salt is from the ancient Khewra salt mines in the Himalayan Foothills.Untouched by pollution for over 250 million years, this pristine salt is thought by many health and culinary experts to be the best salt in the world.

  • Hand Mined, Hand Washed, Sun Dried, Stone Crushed - 100% Natural
  • No Additives, No Anti caking agents, No added Iodide
  • Over 80 minerals - Unique Perfect Crystal Structure makes minerals more bio-available
Extra Fine Powder Grind - Packaged in Food Grade Mylar Foil Bag

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